Monday, September 30, 2013

Grass Skipper - Hesperiinae

Previously when I first saw the Grass Skipper, I thought this was a "one of a kind" Skipper, perhaps with such deformity to its wings, causing it to have a pair to be perpendicular to the other pair when at rest.

Today, I chance upon another similar specimen, again ID unknown, having the same type of marking as well as hooked antennae! 
Therefore the placement of the wings at rest is thus not due to deformity, but is the attribute of such Skipper!

Similar to the previous specimen that I saw at the Pipeline Reserve, this one was seen in ZhengHua Park (close to the Pipeline Reserve)

Notice that the ends of the antennae are shaped in the form of a hook!
From the pictures, apparently, the upper pair of wings are resting on the lower pair of wings, somehow the wings are not able to close completely!  However, this was not seen in the other specimen in the earlier blog!
This is indeed very interesting.

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