Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve - Our Ailing Forest

I frequent this reserve very often, as much as 2 times a week.
But today, I was shocked at the amount of fallen trees, including massive trees that have stood for years have been uprooted.
When the giants of the forest toppled, it will open up the canopy to more wind and water thus causing even more erosion.

The planned repair and retrofitting works that have been scheduled for mid Sep 2014 maybe late, but at least something is going to be done to preserve and prolong the life of this forest.

As the pictures here shown, most of the damage were caused only in the last 6 days (16th to 21st July 2014).

Taken along the main road

Branches have snapped off, probably from the squall that we experienced in the last week.

Falen tree that has been sawn

This is a huge and majestic tree, but its crown has very few branch.  A thick branch has snapped off and dropped to the forest floor.

The snapped branch - upon close inspection, it looks dead!

Another giant has fallen!

Bend over!