Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve - Surprse Finds (2)

In an earlier posting, I have captured the various fungi, and beside those fungi, I have come across Chestnut (Castanopsis sp) and Ginger Flowers (Hornstedtia sp).
I have seen them either in the Malaysian Forests tracking or in some garden, but not in our Bukit Timah, and this will be my first time.

The Chestnut belongs to the Fagaceae family, of which the acorn belongs too..
Interestingly, in Singapore, I have come upon these acorns.

But for the Chestnut, it will be my first time.

Chestnut (Castanopsis sp)
Unable to identify the trees that have bore these fruits, thus I have no pictures.
Would watch out for the tree(s) as this species is listed as Vulnerable in the Red List.
Not too sure whether this is the C hystrix.

This fruit which has already been open, and the fruits somehow looked partially eaten.
Another fruits, there were quite a number of them lying on the pathway.

The single seed, that is also partially eaten.

Ginger - Zingiber officinale
From the sanskrit "Singivera" meaning "horn body", probably referring to the roots.
Used in many countries and for variety of purposes, ginger and its close associates (like banana) are herbaceous plants (that is without woody trunk).

To those of us who eat Rojak, occasionally the dish will be spiced up with cuttings of the Ginger flowers.  And this flower will be on a long stalk.  However for some Ginger species, the flowers bud from the roots, and occasionally get cover by leaves litterl.

Flower growing on a long stalk from the root.
Today, it was special, noticed two different batches growing separately with flowers at the roots.

From the flowers, the ID for this Ginger will be Hornstedtia conica

In this grove of Ginger plants, underneath the Red Flowers bloom.
Close up of the two flowers.
A closeup view of one of the flowers

And in another place, Probably a Etlingera sp.

This flower seem to have different petal pattern as compare to the earlier one!
For Reference, I have also taken pictures of these two ginger flowers from Malaysia (Cameron Highland), to demonstrate the myriads of patterns and colours of the Ginger Flowers.

And these pictures (below) were taken from the Botanic Garden

Etlingera elatior
Etlingera sp

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