Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Rifle Range Road - What a mess!!!!

Traverse this part when walking to McRitchie from Bukit Timah Reserve, and already know that this place has the tendency to be filled with litters, as somehow there are people who treats this stretch of road as a convenient dumping ground.

Today, when I passed this place, it was worse!

In fact, starting from this part of the road (where a military camp is located) and leading to the end of Rifle Range Road where ST Kinetic is located, it is basically a long dumping ground!

Plastic containers, thrash bags, wrappers, etc dotted this stretch of road, as shown in the pictures below.

What I have noticed in the past, and probably happen everyday

Trash in open trucks
I have noticed that there will be trucks going about their business, and some will be carrying thrash bag of rubbish, that they were carting away from the work sites.  However, when these trucks parked outside the respective work sites, the monkeys will be attracted to these bags, and will inevitably rummaged through them.  Though feeding of monkey is an offence, but nothing is said about leaving thrash for monkeys to help themselves!

Illegal Dumping
By virtue of complete trash bag being discarded, and eventually the contents spilled out, there is a likelihood that illegal dumping has taken place.  After all, this place is not in the busy thoroughfare where many eyes will be watching.

Lack of Cleaning Maintenance
Unlike the busier roads that see the occasional cleaning truck that clean the place, I doubt this place has yet to see any of such truck.

Plastic containers found discarded in the drain.  And there are plenty of them!

Certain stretch of Rifle Range road is actually on a ridge line, and on both side of the road will be the gully where more rubbish have been thrown, and eventually covered by the undergrowth.

This picture showed a clear thrash bag of plastic containers that somehow have landed on this side of the road.

Black lunch bento container.

As this is part of the hiking trail on a road near to two military camps, so which department or agency is responsible in managing this estate; the NEA, the NPark, MINDEF!

Beside cleaning up the mess, there should be stricter enforcement 
  • of  trash or food to be so readily available for the monkeys to rummage.  The condos along Hindedhe Road has learnt to manage their waste from the monkeys, likewise the various work sites along Rifle Range Road can do the same.
  • to catch the culprit that is treating this part of Singapore to be a convenient dumping ground.
After publishing this blog, I managed to contact the NEA folks on 27th Nov 2013, and they promised to look into this matter.
I walked this stretch on 3rd Dec 2013, and noted that there have been some improvement make in the clearing of the litter.
However, some of the rubbish "somehow" have been placed to the side of the drains (both sides of the road).
I have feedback this info to NEA with photos.

I have walked the length of Chestnut Avenue which will lead to the PUB Station at the end of the road, and here the situation is similar to Rifle Range Road (albeit better).  Somehow both roads are dead ends, and ended up a convenience disposal points due to the lack of traffic and enforcement!


sgbeachbum said...

Thank you for highlighting this issue! There certainly needs to be better management of these areas!

sgbeachbum said...

Thank you for highlighting this issue! There certainly needs to be better management of these areas!

Mountain & Sea said...

Thanks for the comment.
Sorry for late reply. Was up in The Taiwanese Mountains trekking.
Now who to contact to clear the mess.