Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Mimosa - Is there another species?

Typically, the Mimosa (Mimosa pudica) that we know has pink flower, and somehow "spiky", like a pin cushion.

Or this yellow water mimosa (Neptunia plena)

But I came across this mimosa with curled filaments!
Not too sure whether this is a new species, or a stricken Mimosa pudica!

But if this is a stricken mimosa, then there should not be so many of them!

I am puzzled?
Any mimosa expert can shed some light?

Spoke to a plant expert, this is actually M pudica, the flowers are withering.
However, what I cannot understand is that the whole field of M pudica was with withering flowers.
There must be some form of stimulants (excessive rain; continuous sunshine etc) that must have triggered a mass withering.
This is again intriguing, so have to keep an eye even for a mimosa that most of us would consider as weed.

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