Monday, June 9, 2008

Spring - Renewing of Lives

For a person who lives in a non-seasonal condition, I simply have no idea the transformation that the 4 seasons undergo.

There is a Chinese saying "Spring arrives and 100 Flowers Bloom", this must be lost in most of us who has no opportunity to fully appreciate this saying. Well, I have a first hand encounter as I went through Autumn, then Winter and Spring in Detroit, and managed to capture the transformation of this tree.

In Winter, the tree is barren. (end Jan 2008)

But with the first sign of thawing and warm, the flowers started to bloom, turning this same tree White. (5th May 2008)
Finally, the petals dropped, and the leaves started to bud. (14th May 2008)
Final transformation, the tree is now covered with leaves. (18th May 2008)

The transformation varies from tree to trees (species to species). This Sakura (Cherry tree) was still in the flowering stage, and the leaves have yet to bud.

For the evergreen, new shoot of needles were also coming out.
Indeed, when the word Spring is coined, it definitely has connotation to indicate that
"Lives are springing back".

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