Thursday, August 2, 2007

Hoverfly in Kranji

Wanting very much to capture the birds in action, but end up taking the Hoverfly instead.

Was in Kranji and saw a pair of Brown Capped Woodpecker (Picoides moluccensis) pecking on rotten tree trunks. The first picture taken was not well focused, so I decided to settle down with tripod and long lens and patiently wait it out.

While waiting, I noticed this wasp-like insect hovering in front of the camera, as though beckoning me to take its picture. Since the woodpeckers were not so obliging, I decided to switch to macro lens (Tamron 180 mm F3.5).

The Hoverfly (Family Syrphidae) is also called Flower Fly or Syrphid Fly. The adult Hoverfly is a nectar drinker and therefore is also a pollinator. Possibly for defence, it mimicks the outline of a wasp.

Observe the frontal shot below, especially below the two big red compound eyes, you will notice two yellowish stump that seems to be their feelers.

There is not much of information written about this insect other than the fact that it is the gardener's good friend, in that its young eat on the sap sucking bugs like aphid.

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